About Us

PASA's goal is to be involved within the community, the university, within the department, and interact with members of the department in an academic and social setting. We want to establish a sense of unity among all years and work together in developing connections and providing guidance and opportunities.

Executive Members

Danielle W.
4th year Astrophysics

Vice President:

Head of Finance:
Sumit S.
3rd year Physics

Communications Officer: Ian M.
3rd Year Astrophysics

Sports Representative: Zach B.
3rd year Astrophysics

Social Coordinator:
Alex T.
3rd year Medical Biophysics

Outreach Officer 1: Nathalie T.
3rd year Astrophysics

Outreach Officer 2:
Chris R.

SSC Rep:
David U.
4th year Physics

Year Reps

1st Year Rep:
Simran F.

1st Year Rep:
Claire P.

2nd Year Rep:
Patrick H.
2nd year Physics