Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)


Student membership is offered to undergraduate students. Student Members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Association except the rights to vote and hold office, which the exception of voting for and holding the office of Student Director. There is no fee charged for Student membership in the CAP for undergraduates at Canadian universities; Physics in Canada is available for a nominal extra charge.

The requirement for admission as a Student Member is either:
  • registration in an undergraduate course in Physics, or allied course, approved by the Membership Committee, in a recognized university; or
  • employment in a laboratory, the nature of which employment has been approved by the Membership committee.
Only those who are registered as undergraduate students in a course leading to a bachelor's degree in physics or an allied subject are normally eligible to join the CAP as Student Members.

The online application form is available [here].

Download a PDF of this information [here].