Frequently Asked Questions

This is both a general and PASA FAQ.


Q. How do I get involved with PASA?
Come by the PASA office to meet people, or come out to one of our many events! :)

Q. Where is the PASA Office?
A. The PASA office is in the new part of the basement. Its across from the kitchenette, and isn't hard to find.

General FAQ

Q. What time do buses stop running?
A. Buses typically have different times when they stop running based on the day of the week and whether there are any current holidays taking place. For specific times the best place to check is the LTC webpage (

Q. When do campus food stores close?
A. Hours for most of the on campus eateries can be found at

Q. Where do I go for academic help?
A. Students from the faculty of science can likely find academic counseling by contacting an academic counselor. Steps to do so are illustrated through the website. (

Q.What are some good websites for Physics and Astronomy news?
A. For news relating to Western

For world wide Physics and Astronomy news

Q. Where do I go to find out about events going on around campus?
A. Events can be found on the USC web page (
Or more specifically the event calendar link (
Remember to check the PASA Events Page for any events that we may be planning!

Q. Where can I find a tutor?
This is a great site to get in contact with course and faculty specific tutors.

Q. What is the best way to study for midterms and exams?
A. Everyone is different, and study methods that work for you may not work for someone else. We have provided some study tips for you, but another good place to start is the Student Development Centre’s learning skills services page, which has great tips and strategies.

Q. When are holidays?
A. Holidays can be seen on the calendar from the Office of the registrar