Sports Registration

**Important, please read carefully before registering**

Unfortunately I will be away for a while due to knee surgery, so I will not be able to collect sports money. If you are interested in playing sports this fall, please drop off your money with Clara in the main office of the Physics building, on the first floor.

Just a reminder: the deadline is Wednesday September 7th, when the main office closes. The teams fill up quickly, so please get your money in soon to ensure that you get a spot.

Bartek Ewertowski

Basketball (coed rec) $35: Wednesday
Soccer (coed rec) $20 : Tuesday
Soccer(men's comp)$20: Thursday
Ultimate Frisbee (coed rec) $25: Wednesday
Non-contact Ice Hockey (coed rec) $100: Sunday

For those of you who do not have a PASA sports jersey from past seasons, you will need to purchase one. We use the same shirts for all sports except for hockey, so you only need to buy one if you play on multiple teams.

General sports jersey $15 (+ $3 if you would like your name on the back)
Hockey jersey: $20 (+ $5 if you would like your name on the back)

You can Register yourself for a team using this simple form.
NOTE: If you later decide you would like to unregister from a team (before you have paid the fees), you must contact us.

Choose your team.
First Name
Last Name
Student Number
Email (most frequently used)
Currently Registered at UWO?
Currently Playing Varsity for this team?
Jersey # (leave blank if you already have it)
Custom Jersey Name (leave blank if you don't want it)

Basketball (Coed Rec) (12/12) $35
Soccer (Men's Comp) (15/20) $20
Ice Hockey (Non Contact Rec) (13/15) $100
Neil Bhatt
Carolyn Filgiano
Chirag Vyas
Lakshman Vasanthamohan
Gabe Keenleyside
Allison Hill
Dan Gillett
Brian Dalrymple
Mat Abado
Cory Rae McRae
Andrea Aho
Marek Brzozowski
Bartek Ewertowski
Allison Hill
Albrecht Staat
Misha Chavarha
James Hopkins
Jose Rivera
Luke Tincknell
Cameron Hopkins
Paul Winterton
Jon Abado
Neven Vulic
Mabado The Second
Andrew Boivin
Ian Murray
Gio Poggenpoel
Bartek Ewertowski
Ethan Davis
Neven Vulic
Andrew Dittmer
Andrew Dittmer
Cameron Hopkins
Ben Psotka
Allan Rutt
Kevin Zhao as
Alex Heroux
Andrew Boivin
Ian Taras
Jeff Henderson

Soccer (Coed Rec) (16/20) $20
Ultimate Frisbee (Coed Rec) (0/16) $25
Trolls (26/10) $0
Bartek Ewertowski
Allan Rutt
Gio Poggenpoel
Ridhima Boodram
Mel Wright
Brittany Renaud
Lindsay Kernohan
Gillian Priest
Cameron Hopkins
Paul Winterton
Jason Kirkness
Reto Musci
Shantanu Basu
Allan Rutt
Lakshman Vasanthamohan
Nikolaj Jensen
No one registered
Allan Rutt
Shantanu Basu
Captain Planet*
klslhbzqgu klslhbzqguz*
Mike Mike*
john john*
Bradley Bradley*
Mark Mark*
Mark Mark*
Mark Mark*
hzvubfips hzvubfips*
Dan Gillett
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pjpopk pjpopk*
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ullcopgg ullcopgg*
hxzjdfoy hxzjdfoy*
Antibiotic Antibiotic*
lfwworfkgv lfwworfkgv*
Rafael Schulman
Bartek Ewertowski
Bartek Ewertowski
Bartek Ewertowski
Nikola Tesla
Kaushik Shampur
Eamond Duffy

* denotes that a user is on the waiting list
prices listed are per person
Pay Deadline: Wednesday Sept. 7, 2011